What to expect:

Hands down.... the MOST asked question - by far - is "What should we wear?"

My number one answer is Don't wear white.  The camera really just does not like white.

My next answer is, "be comfortable and be yourself."  The most attractive thing is confidence so wear something that makes you feel pretty.  Regardless of which type of pictures we are taking, we are going to be doing LOTS of walking and sitting and playing.  It is best if you have on something you can move comfortably in.  As far as colors go, bright, jewel tones look the best.  Those colors just draw your eye into the photo.  And sometimes the location can help dictate what you should wear.  Whenever I can, I like to match my outfit to my background.  I can usually give more guidance on outfits once your location has been determined.  And I have been known to switch up the location to accomdate the outfits.




Get in Touch

Hi I'm LeeAnn.  Thank you for contacting Widyn Photography.  I answer calls and emails seven days a week.  I look forward to talking to you about your photography needs.  But mostly I look forward to meeting you and creating something that is uniquely YOU.